Rock - Pop Instrumentals Bundle

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  • A collection of my 15 most successful Rock Pop Instrumentals.
  • Perfect for YouTube, TikTok or Instagram Videos,  Vloggers, small Businesses and Schools
  • Purchase includes HQ Music Tracks and License Certificates pdf stamped with your buyers information.

    - Aerial
    - Powerplay
    - Stars
    - Beat The Pressure
    - Freedom
    - Revelation
    - Target
    - Elemental
    - Electricity
    - Lights
    - Fearless
    - Indie Rock Party
    - Rising Force
    - Taking Me Higher
    - Pulse

    ► Item includes the 15 Full Versions as High Quality 320kbit .mp3s and the License Certificates .pdf files that will be stamped with your buyers information.
    This way you can easily prove to Youtube that you have the full rights to use this music should you receive any 'third party claims' or copyright notices.

    ►You can view a license example here:

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15 HQ Audio Tracks
License Certificates

Rock - Pop Instrumentals Bundle

0 ratings
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